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St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church, Milwaukee
1205 S. 8th Street
Milwaukee, WI  53204
Phone: 414.763.6425 (Eng) or 414.501.3866 (Esp/Eng)

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Get to know us!

Our church on Palm Sunday

Get to know us!

We invite you to come and get to know us better.  Come to our worship services. Take the Bible Information Class taught by Pastor Schoell and get to know the teachings of our church as drawn from the Bible.  Most of all, come and learn of God's love for you that moved Him to send Jesus to die on the cross for you!

Rock solid answers for uncertain times!

We live in unsure times.  Nothing is certain anymore.  Families break up.  Friends disappear.  Jobs are not secure.  Prices keep going up.  Sickness strikes.  But in this uncertain world, God's love remains constant.  He remains constant in His forgiveness of all our sins, and constant in His desire to help us in our daily lives.  He especially offers us that help in His word, the Bible.  That's why the Bible is at the center of all we do at St. Peter's.  God's word is at the center of all our worship services, our preaching, our Bible classes, and our counseling.  Come and find rock solid answers for unsure times!

Pot-luck dinner
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