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St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church, Milwaukee
1205 S. 8th Street
Milwaukee, WI  53204
Phone: 414.763.6425 (Eng) or 414.501.3866 (Esp/Eng)

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Support this ministry:
Thank you for your interest in supporting our ministry here at St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church. Please pray for us regularly! We are an urban ministry on the near south side of Milwaukee, working to spread the gospel in a neighborhood that is not very well off. God is richly blessing our challenging and exciting ministry, but many of our members, especially our newer members, are often struggling to make ends meet and aren't able to give very much to support our work. If you are looking for an additional way of helping to spread the gospel over and above what you give for the Lord's work in your local congregation, please consider a one time gift or continued support of our ministry for a longer period. 

If you are so moved to help support our ministry and would like to give a one time or monthly donation online, please follow the link to our facebook page and click the donate button: www.facebook.com/stpetermilwaukee

For other ways to support our ministry, you can you contact Pastor Schoell:
by telephone: 414.763.6425,
by E-mail: Pastorschoell@hotmail.com,
or by mail: 1215 S. 8th Street, Milwaukee, WI  53204

Thank you for your prayers and your support!
Closing service for Vacation Bible School
  Flash: ON   July 19, 2019 


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