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St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church, Milwaukee
1205 S. 8th Street
Milwaukee, WI  53204
Phone: 414.763.6425 (Eng) or 414.501.3866 (Esp/Eng)

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We Believe

Our mission statement:
       “By reaching out to people of all backgrounds with the truth of God’s word, St. Peter Lutheran Church builds lives on Christ the Rock.”

We believe that:

  • God has revealed Himself to us in the Bible which is His perfect word.
  • While God is a just judge who must condemn sin, He is also a loving and merciful God who sent His son Jesus to save us.
  • Jesus came to this earth to suffer and die on the cross to take away the guilt of our sins, and to restore us to God as his dear children.
  • All who believe and trust in Jesus will enjoy life with God now in this life, and eternal life with God forever in heaven.
  • Throughout our lives, in good times and in bad, God is with us to help us and make everything work for our eternal good.
  • We are to show our thanks to God for all his blessings by leading a life that pleases and glorifies Him, and shows love and compassion to others.

Our church at Easter

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